Wednesday, November 23, 2016

More Strange Homes to Sell! Real Estate Captions

I try to find the most unusual homes in the world and
 try to figure out what the listing heading should be

1. The Champagne Bottle House

Every bottle has a story and no they aren't all true!

2  No I don't know what they were thinking?

Asking: $6,888,000 ... 360 degree views 5 levels house 10,000 sq ft inside.

Every room with a view but watch out for that first step it can be a doozy!

3.  The Cube House

Won't have to clean the snow off your roofs if that is a problem?

One can just roll out of bed!

4.  The Shark House...

The shark is negotiable.

Sharks falling out of the sky is not a neighborhood problem.

5.  Art house on the edge in San Diego, CA

All ready earthquake proof. Seller on the edge of selling.

6. Stone house in Portugal

You will always be between a rock and a hard place. 

7.  Mansion with it's own beach

Close to Nothing.

8. Always changing landscape.

Just throw that lawnmower away.

9. Hello--there is a plane on your house.

This Major Tom to ground control could send up some Rum.

10.  Only one parking space.. No Garage

Be the first one on your block with an upside down 2 story. But why?

The Blue Prints were approved by a Higher Authority. 

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