Monday, November 16, 2015

Am I Who I Am

Am I really who I am? Your thoughts, your words, your actions make up your life that you are living.  As Larry Winget states in his book "Grow a Pair". If you play the victim then you are a victim. We love to play the role of a victim because it is never your fault, never your responsibility, there is always someone else to blame for our situation. Does this sound familiar? We like to blame our parents, boss, and yes even family for the way we are and not take responsibility for our own lives. This is why rehabs and self development books are one of the fastest growing businesses in America.

According to a post on facebook that I read, this person forgives all of those who used them, abandoned them and forced them to retreat into alcoholism and drug abuse. Really? Grow a pair and stop whining. The only common denominator is 'you'. Stop being mad at someone, stop holding a grudge because in reality you are possibly the cause of the anger. When one attends these rehabs they want to blame anyone but you. Of course, you are the client and you are the one paying their outrageous fees. Why be honest with you and say that you are the problem. That would be the only rational conclusion but they want to take you back to your childhood and blame your parents, then it's your teacher's fault, your friends fault, let's go onto your boss, co-workers and mates.  I am who I am because of you? What a victim. You let everyone influence you and made you a mad man? 

Am I who I am because of the world? You must look into your own life and wonder why life isn't going your way. Why am I not married? Well, one can't date unavailable people, emotional or married status, and wonder why? Why am I not making more money, is it because I didn't show up on time, or do my work? I know because I have these same issues. Was I really in the right when I let my brother take my mother away? No! I didn't fight for her plus I felt guilty that I was spending more then I was making.Why am I always  broke, well, I could get a job that pays more, stop spending money on things that I want but don't need, or buy the things that I don't need and hide them in the back of the closet and bring it out later! Sound familiar? Where are all of my friends? Am I being a good friend? Get Larry's position? It is just common sense. They are bullying me at work? Is it my attitude, work ethics or do I critisize my co-workers too much. Maybe I am not always pleasant. (and trust me, I am not as nice as I used to be). Why am I always have the feeling of abandonment. Are you sure that you were abandonment or not the center of everyone's world like you think you should be. Stop, Look and Listen to You! You know why you are the way you are, deep down you do. Why didn't I finish college, my excuse is that my father didn't make me. Really, it was because I wanted to party and not apply myself. My father was rich, I won't have to work a  day in my life, wrong!!!!! My life turned out exactly the way I made it. It wasn't anyone's fault but mine. Own it.

Except for money I love my life, I would like to have more of a life but I am close to my children and their children. I just need to get out more! And I am! First, off to my cousin's party the night before Thanksgiving!!! I will be taking my strange sense of humor with me, I think that I will curtail it a bit!

These are philosophies from Larry Winget - the king of self improvement.

Until we meet again,
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