Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nature's Interesting Pools

Until we meet again,
If I was a rich woman, I would be chasing these wonderful swimming springs, lagoons, sinkholes.

Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey


  Waitomo Glowworm – Fairly tale cave

Mossbrae Falls, California



Hidalgo, Mexico

Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

 Somewhere on Maui

Cathedrals Beach Galicia, Spain


Hamilton Pools; Dripping Springs TX

The Grand Prismatic Spring: America's largest


Blue Lagoon: Iceland's geothermal spa


Five-Flower Lake (China): Beautiful Multi-Coloured Lake with Fallen Tree Trunks


Crater Lake (USA): its waters are considered one of the World's Most Clearest



Boiling Lake (Dominica): A Flooded Fumarole

In hot water: Tuscany's wild natural springs



Until we meet again,




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