Monday, November 28, 2016

15 of the Most "Oh Go Take a Long Walk Off a Short Bridge!"

I know that you have heard that expression but if you tackle one of these bridges you are nuts.  For example:

The Tibetan Bridge in Claviere, Piedmont, Itay:

Or this one:

“Kushma - Gyadi Suspension Bridge, Nepal”

Terrified young girl walking on the glass skywalk, 4,700ft above sea level on the side of the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China. She is going to be so excited when she gets to the end of the bridge!

Old bridge into the clouds?

I know that this doesn't have anything to do with bridges but it is spectacular!

Look at that whale surf all with the surfer! Amazing!I thought that it might be photoshoped but it is real! That is a huge wave also.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England 

You actually go walk or bike over the bridge. It must be terrifying to be that high up and swaying with the movement of the bridge. No thank you!

Malaysia Sky Bridge, Malaysia

On an island in the Langkawi archipelago, the Sky Bridge wraps around a mountain, is 700 meters above sea level, and is constructed from one column and cables. On either end are triangular platforms that enable fantastic views from different angles of the Andaman Sea and Tarutao Island. And just in case you aren't weary enough of heights, this bridge tends to be a little shaky in the middle, so have heart -- and step carefully.

Shaharah Bridge - Yemen

 Shahara bridge built to fight Turkish invaders. Legend says that the local people can remove the bridge in few minutes in case of imminent danger!

The Inca Bridge 

The Inca Bridge. Spanning 120 feet over the Apurimac river, at around 50 feet above water, Qeswachaka is built using the ancient Qhapaq nan technique. Made from a local herb, known as Qoya, the fibers of Qeswachaka bridge deteriorate rapidly, and local communities have to reconstruct the bridge every year. Around 1,000 men and women, from various Andean communities gather at Qeswachaka bridge, every second week of June, for the rebuilding ceremony.

Are you serious?

Behold The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail, El Caminito del Rey - built in 1901 is crumbling. Use to be only 1 meter wide without handrails. Is 300 meter from ground

You will never find me here either. ↑ Okay who even thought that this trail would be a great idea. Couldn't they just go around.

Huangshuan Mountain

Heaven's Gate Mountain, Zhangjiajie City, China Amazing!

Walkways of Mount Tianmen, Zhangjiajie, China

Tourists wishing to climb the 300ft up the Taihang Mountain, Linzhou, China must first sign a form stating that they have no heart or lung…

The Paílón del Diablo is a fairly large waterfall (located on the Pastaza River) just 30 minutes away from the town of Baños in Ecuador. It is considered to be one of the most popular attractions in the area. The name of the waterfall in Spanish (Paílón del Diablo) means in English ”Cauldron of the Devil”. it is free to view it from the suspension bridge, you can pay about 0.50$ and walk the path that get closer to this amazing waterfall



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