Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shark Week Attack on the Discovery Channel

It is hard to remain calm when you hear about Shark attacks. One of my perfect nightmare is being attacked by a shark. I never used to be worried about sharks, Bermuda has a ring of reefs protecting the shoreline. Then, I was at a party where everyone was reading Jaws. I am telling my age. Well, I have never read Jaws or saw the movie, I am now, well, aware of sharks but an attack off the coast of Bermuda is rear. We have had problems with sharks when deep sea fishing, the remedy is to shot the shark. If you don't they will continue to attack your catch.

 In reality sharks are the true victims, the numbers of sharks in our oceans have dwindled. It is estimated that over 150M sharks are killed each year. With corporations fishing and shark fin being a cure all, they are the hunted, but they can see us, when in the water, we can't see them until it is too late.

Marine Biologist still maintain that it would be easier to be struck by lightning twice than to be bitten or eaten by a shark.

Please keep that in mind when you watch Shark Week.

We would go swimming at night in the ocean, you want to know why? At night, small drops of the water, struck off by the motion of your body against the water it appears to be sparkling and luminous. It comes from an algae and that is all I am going to say about the algae. The magic of making something so dark spread light where water and light shouldn't even mix. The spot of light rise to the surface, floating lanterns of light appear and dissolve before your eyes. It is magical.

I don't think that I will be seen night body surfing anytime soon.

The ocean is alive and when we step out of our environment into theirs, should know what we are doing, that is a problem, people go to the beach and know nothing about fish, surf, tides, waves, and sharks.

Would you go into a pen of rattlesnakes about knowing what you are doing.

The ocean isn't much different. Know the dangers, so, you can enjoy the fun and the ocean and waves are fun.

Until we meet again,
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