Saturday, June 20, 2015

9 Glamping (camping in style) Tents

I have been camping but never in style. My idea of camping is finding the nearest motel. (no room service)

No, we used to camp with a group of friends in California and I must admit that I did just fine! In my opinion.
But if I had these tents ready for me, I might have camped out more.

Sounds great! Let's go! Who has the bug repellent? What do you mean there are bears?

I could handle this but where is the TV? Link


 Naibor, located in Kenya, is a private getaway that consists of seven luxurious tents. Each features king sized beds, wool rugs and atmosphere galore. Lions and hippos included. Link

Chobe, Botswana Link

Tofino, British Columbia 

 Ellijay, Georgia

Tofino, British Columbia Link

 Unknown Location

Until we meet again,

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