Wednesday, August 31, 2016

14 Dogs that don't need Halloween Costumes

Most of the time, dogs are cuddly and loyal and, well, look like dogs. However, some of the time dogs are cuddly and loyal and through a combination of genetics or extreme grooming, simply don't look like dogs. Here are 15 of those "Wait, is that really a dog?" canines.
1. Panda Dog

2. Extreme Grooming Camel Dog
Who did this to this dog! and why?
3. Zebra Dog
4. Horse Dog
I guess some great grooming. A face only a mother could love!
5. Is it a dog or a powder puff.

But it is cute
6. Tiger Dog
Halloween is coming soon and guess who already has a costume?
7. WOW I want this dog: Polar Bear Dog
Too Cute.
8. Skunk Dog: who would do this to a poor doggie?
9. Giraffe Dog
10 Compact Dog posing as a loaf of bread.
 11. The best wig dogie
I wonder how much the hair extensions cost?
12. Teddy Bear Dog
This one is quite famous.
13 Mary had a little Lamb Dog.
I wonder if he would follow someone to school.
14. Little Star Wars Dog.
Too Cute!!!
Until we meet again,
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