Saturday, October 22, 2016

32 Creative and Funny Pictures of Halloween at the Beach!

Who wouldn't want a be at the beach for Halloween.

Maybe not in Cleveland, Ohio but one can only dream!

Say Hello to the beach!

Of course the pumpkins might be different!

Might not want to invite the starfish. They seem to take over.

 This pumpkin is a little crabby!

 Kate McRostie is an artist, please visit her website.

Wish I was an artist!


 Everyone could use a day at the beach.

 I really like this pumpkin and if I lived closer to the lake.
 I only live 2 blocks now, I would make one.

Cake by the Ocean! 

One day everyone ends up at the beach.
No matter how pale they are!

Remember to use sunscreen.

 Sometimes at the beach you see things that you will never forget.

Looks like Davy Jones Locker got this fellow!

Bursting with colors. Beach Art Pumpkins by artist Alisa Burke. Alisa comes from a surfing family (and is married to a surfer) so she couldn’t resist creating a few whimsical beach pumpkins!

This is a free wall screen offered by iwallscreen

Don't forget to use your Coppertone Sunscreen!

 Yes, it can be scary at the beach

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