Wednesday, October 5, 2016

For Sale-- Dracula's Castle

For Sale
Dracula's Castle
Are you brave enough to purchase the infamous Castle that so many people were tortured and murder then there heads.
Let me introduce to the man who inspired Bram Stroker to write the book Dracula.

Meet Vlad The Impaler

Vlad III was the ruler of Transylvania during the 15th Century. As a teenager, he and his brother were held as prisoner during a war to insure that their father would behave. Historians believe that he became sadistic during his time of captivity. It is believed that he learned the art of impalement during that time.

Vlad's cruelty is well documented in historical texts but what often goes overlooked is how he combined this cruelty with cunning to terrorize his enemies.

For example, his preferred method of execution, impalement wasn't just a sadistic way of getting rid of his enemies; it was a good way to scare them away.

It was said that Vlad was so sadistic that he would wash  his hands in his enemies blood. He would dine among his impaled victims, dipping his bread in their blood. They suggested that he drank blood himself. Was he a Vampire or just a sadistic SOB?

The Castle

In 2014, The Castle was up for sale and would entertain any reasonable offer. It was reported that Vlad never lived there but because it is situated on top of a mountain. High in the air, fog surrounds it and gives it a spooky look.

I see what they mean but really any castle in Romania looks spooky because of the weather!


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